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Now, it’s time to available Online

Professional Directory

Now, It's time to available Online

Professional Directory provides a professional profile where you can place your all professional & academic qualifications, achievements, practice experience, services provided and industry work experience in one page. People can find you on the basis of these parameters. You can share your professional profile on WhatsApp, Message and Telegram as Business Card.

Features of Professional Directory

Working in Industry

Professional Profile also available for professional are working in industries as Employee.

Your Services & Experience

You may provide detail of services provided and your work experience in specific fields.

Professional & Academic Detail

A tab to show your professional & academic achievement in professional look

Separate listing

Separate listing category for Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary and Cost Accountants.

Advance Search & Filter

Advance search and filter function help to find out on various parameters basis.

Send & Share

Share and send your profile as digital card through email, WhatsApp and SMS.

Listing Price

Listing price is Rs. 79/-* only. Which is less than your monthly mobile data recharge.

* The listing price will be changed to Rs. 199/- w.e.f. 01.07.2020.

Yeah,this is your digital professional profile
General Terms & Conditions

Members detail will be published in this Directory subject to certain conditions including: –

To know more, read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Is listing name in Online Telephone Directory violence of the Code of Ethics?

How to list Your Name?

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Frequently Ask Questions

Discover you question from underneath or present your inquiry from the submit box.

Yes, this directory is available for CA, CS & CMA working in Industries as well as holding Certificate of Practice(COP).

Yes, You can add/remove or change your detail any time.

Very small piece of money charge for data storage and maintenance cost. See current price in Listing price tab.

To list your name, register using your email id or if you have already completed registration process, login direct. After Login, click on “Submit Listing” button appearing in Dashboard. Fill the Form and submit the same.

Yes. You can upload or change your passport size photo anytime even after submission of Listing. Just login and edit the listing in Dashboard.

Only passport size photo in professional looking is allowed to upload for the listing. Other photos like, prize taking, office decorum etc. are not allowed.

Yes. You can list your partners name also in separate listing using same login user id and no restriction in any nos. Listing price will be applicable on per listing.

There are two categories for each profession like Chartered Accountants in Practice or servicing in Industry. Total 6 categories, two of each profession CA, CS & CMA.

Your listing will be published within 24 hours after confirmed the payment from the bank.

You require to renew your listing after expired the period given at the time of listing.

To maintain best quality and trust and to manage your data on online server and for maintenance cost.

Yes. If you are no more satisfying with our services, you can claim your refund within 7 days from date of your listing published. After 10 days from date of your listing published, no refund shall be allowed/paid.

You can drop us a message


+91 9828784806




+91 9828784806

Listing Price

We charge a small piece of money to manage your data on online server and for maintenance cost. Price for 1.5 years listing is Rs. 199/-. only which is less than your 2 month mobile bill.

*The listing price will be changed to Rs. 299/- w.e.f. 17.12.2019.

Epro Tool

Is it free, Yeah. We provide this Tool to help in your profession as your Assistant. It is free of cost yet.


Customise Epro Tool

You can send request to customise the Tool accordingly your requirements. Customise Epro Tool accordingly your requirement, set your photo as logo and your name or your firm name at nominal price for one year.


Digital Library

Read, mark and save as PDF. All acts, rules and regulations amended up2date available in PDF.

About Us

Now It's time to available online.

Our team of three professionals, two Chartered Accountants and one Company Secretary, start this Professional Directory (e-Professional) to create a wide network among three esteemed professionals, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Cost Accountants.

We observed that our professionals want to meet each other who are working in the same industry or in the same working field and sometime people try to find someone who have a specific qualification for professional work or a client want to reach to a qualified professional for specific work, they all search either on LinkedIn or Facebook or on other social platform but problem is that at social platforms, full professional detail is not available and another thing is Trust of Society. and people can’t find a experienced professional in a specific field.

Now, with starting this virtual platform in Financial Technology era, we want to create such professional network where if any person wants to meet professional Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary or Cost Accountant, they easily available at Professional Directory and people can also filter using multiple parameters like qualifications, certificate in specific areas, location and more. We hope this platform will definitely help to create a wide network in this digital world. We can proudly say that this is your digital professional profile where you can put your achievements; your experience; your extra qualifications and more.

Since, our objective to build a strong network among our three professions, we provide sharing option to send your profile on WhatsApp, Email and Telegram as a Business Visiting Card on asked by people.

Apartform this, in our profession, we observed that in searching bare act, rules and regulations, a professional waste daily 50-55 minutes in his office. Our fingers type on keyboard daily to find out common 10-15 websites which are in our daily use. So, to make fast and smooth searching on google, a professional assistant tool “Epro” is created for easy and direct access of your routine websites which will save your time as well as digital data. You can customise this tool accordingly your requirement and you can replace or add a new link, websites and more. Even if, you can use it in your mobile.

Please post your feedback to improve our services for you.

Post your feedback to improve our services for you

Your valuable suggestions and feedback will help us improve our services for you.
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